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A Medical Digital Learning Environment using Creative Commons resources.


In 2015, this site will start to build a collection of free resources and activities (mind games) for medical education. You’re early! If you’d like a sneak preview, here are some projects that are currently being developed and need some trialling (digital guinea pigs welcome).


  • green Ready for use / fully functional. Suggestions welcome for revisions and extensions.
  • yellow Ok for trials of use, with most functions operational and/or most content included. Feedback needed for use on a variety of devices / platforms and for increasing quality / depth of content.
  • orange Just begun, with an outline or selected functions available for testing. Feedback needed about general form and / or content.

ECG Waves, Segments and Intervals


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skull vector meddle.ccI am making this website because I would like to learn to teach medicine. I am a fan of #FOAMed, Creative Commons and Access to Knowledge. This website is my sandpit and it is still under construction in late 2014, so some things may be incomplete, faulty or frequently changing. All content here is free to access. Please read the Medical Disclaimer.